Collap­sible Shaker Bottle

SPACE SHAKER is a portable high-end shaker bottle that expands, so you can bring your powdered nutrition with you. No more big bottles in your bag, no more pre-mixed drinks, no more protein degradation, no more clumps. Pre-loaded recyclable version available by subscription to our Space Shaker CLUB.


Designed For Your Grip

Our bottle is designed with the human hand in mind. No matter what part of the bottle you touch, it is easy to hold. The bottle bellows will surround your fingers and give you grip.

Mixing Power with No Lose Parts

Our Space Shaker bottle walls are purposely designed with bellows to help you break up powder clumps. There is also a powerful mixer attached underneath the lid, specially designed to make your drink as smooth as possible. The mixer is a click-on attachment to the bottle lid so you never have to worry about loose parts inside the bottle, as opposed to other shaker bottles that have loose mixers.

Space Efficient

How many times you gave up on your whey protein game because its really inconvenient to deal with bringing your supplement powder in all those big bottles? It takes a lot of space into your cabinets and bags. Space Shaker will fit in small spaces and bags, so you can up your game and bring more with you. Bring however many bottles you need, rather than compromising your nutrition because of space.

Leak Proof

A bottle that will live in harmony with electronics and paper items in your bag. A silicone o-ring secures the bottle cap against spills, so nothing comes in or out of your bottle.

Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean

The high-end synthetic bottle wall will handle hot water with dexterity. You can also simply open and close the bottle bellows to easily clean your bottle by hand.

Simple to Use


Remove lid and load with protein powder.


Close the lid to bring it anywhere you want.


When you’re ready to drink, open the lid to expand the bottle and load it with water.


Close the lid and shake it well before drinking.

No More Degraded Protein

Pre-mixed nutrition drinks suffer molecule degradation and carry conservants, which keeps you far from your goals. Supplement powders should be mixed and consumed right away. Once they are mixed in fluids they start to degrade and break down. It’s not that it will taste bad or you cannot drink it, just understand that the longer it sits mixed with fluids, it degrades, and breaks down. Reducing the quality, and absorption abilities. Space Shaker saves space in your bag so you can bring it around rather than buying pre-mixed bottles everywhere you go.

Our Whey Isolate Powder

All of the protein in each Space Shaker bottle is from Whey Isolate, ultra-filtered for exceptional purity. By using only high-quality Whey Isolate, we’re able to pack 35 grams of protein into every serving with just 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of fat. Add cold water or milk anywhere you are to keep chasing your goals. Our Whey Isolate is, Gluten Free, Banned Substance Tested, Available in 4 Different Flavors, Instantized for Easy Mixing.

Space Shaker Club

What if you did not need to worry about loading your shaker with protein ever again? Imagine being able to just grab and go and take your protein regiment anywhere your busy life takes you, discretely. Introducing the Space Shaker Go, the first already-loaded shaker bottle with your favorite supplement in it in powder form. Just expand, add water, shake and drink throughout your hectic day. Subscribe monthly or weekly to get as many bottles as you want. Space Shaker Go is convenient and will save you a lot of time, so you can keep up on chasing your nutrition goals.

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