What is a Space Shaker?

A disposable shaker bottle that fits in small bags and cabinets, 100% recyclable, smart. A bottle that will never stink because you can simple recycle it after a single use. A bottle you can forget at the gym and be ok with that. A bottle that comes loaded with your supplement, so you don’t need to make a mess to prepare it. A bottle that can replace your supplements buckets and save you lots of space. A Shaker that you will want to use because it will give you no work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean it?

It is top shelf dishwasher safe. Or you can easily wash it by hand by opening and closing bellows to reach everywhere into the bottle. You can use a regular sponge for hand washing.

What is the metal material on the SpaceShaker LUX bottle?

Aluminum – making it light weight and durable.

How does the SpaceShaker Club subscription work?

The SpaceShaker Club subscription sends you case containing 12 units of our Space Shaker GO bottles, that are preloaded with high-quality 100% Whey Protein Isolate. You can choose the number of cases you need. You also have the option to buy the club cases as part of a subscription plan, which gives you the possibility to chose how frequently you would like them delivered to your door.

How does the mixer insert work on the SpaceShaker LUX bottle?

It is attached to the cap with a click-on design for easy removal. It can also be used as an trap for holding fruits as a way to infuse your water.

How is the weather in Florida?

Sunny with a chance of sunburn.

Is Brazil going to win the World Cup?

Bruno sure hopes so.

How do I become a partner with SpaceShaker?

We love to make new friends. Email your info to: info@spaceshaker.com.

Have a question we didn’t cover?

Just submit your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.